News Section

The News Section tries to be fair about how information is presented and where it comes from, and to show all sides of every story to its audience. This section works under the direction of expert journalists. The news is published on a daily basis in two national languages (Uzbek and Dari) at 06:00 pm and tries to establish a news section in additional foreign languages.


Content Production Section

The Production Section provides its content for researchers on all virtual pages, which are accessible in audio, video, and print formats, in accordance with modern standards and using up-to-date facilities and gadgets. This section represents the opinions of its audience, offering impartial, high-quality, and unique content that simultaneously serves to inform, educate, and empower its audiences. The Content Production Section creates a wide range of programs on a variety of themes, such as politics, economics, sports, arts, travel, and health, to help viewers obtain a better knowledge of Afghanistan’s social, political and cultural issues. In this section we create:

  • Production of radio and video announcements  
  • Production of video documentaries in different formats
  • Production of radio and video news reports 
  • Production of 3D & 2D animations
  • Production of economic, cultural, social and political programs
  • Production of economic, social and cultural video cassettes and podcasts
  • Printing and typing of printed and written announcements
  • Design of printed notices


Video Productions

Since a video can have a big effect on its audiences, our video production section does everything it can to get the best message across in the best way possible. We do this by using our skills in videography, image processing, and coming up with the new ideas. 

  • Production of documentary 
  • Production of short and long films
  • Production of television programs
  • Production of video news reports 
  • Generate video notifications
  • Production of 2D and 3D animations
  • Video cassette production
  • Interviews


Audio and Radio Productions

The creation of audio content is equally important and cannot be disregarded in any way, just as the development of text and video content. Our goal is to do our part in solving this problem and meeting the demands of the audience by creating high-quality audio programs.

  • Production of radio announcements
  • Production of audio documentaries 
  • Generate audio reports 
  • Production of podcasts 
  • Production of radio dramas 
  • Production of radio series 
  • Production of audio books 
  • Production of radio stations 
  • Production of radio programs


Typing and Printing Section of Yaqeen Media

The text has had a great influence on human civilizations in many different domains as the fourth and most fundamental pillar of human modernization. Therefore, we want to share our message with our audience on this platform as well and are providing a huge selection of books and articles.

  • Production of printed notices 
  • Production of scientific, cultural, economic and social magazines 
  • Production of book design 
  • Production of printed text

Journalism’s guiding principles state that all of a news organization’s news activities are built on the audience’s confidence in the content’s producers. The goal of this media is to represent the interests of the Afghan people and to make news, cultural, social, political, medical, and informative content to the highest standards